We began researching and making our own dog food for our fur kids years ago when we were living abroad, in a country where the quality of commercial dog food left a lot to be desired.

Unfortunately, many dog treats are also really not that good for dogs. Like a lot of commercial pet food, treats are packed with nutritionally poor fillers such as corn or wheat flour, and very little else.

We love to reward our dogs and use treats in our dog training every day, so for us it was vital to create healthy, natural treats that we knew would be beneficial to our pets’ health.

Everything is taste tested

We use human-grade foods, so try our treats ourselves, but our official testers are Mino and Toxa, 2 wonderful, chocolate-coloured dobermanns. Toxa is a very picky eater and will turn her snout up at anything that isn’t up to scratch. Not so Mino: he’s a dustbin and will take anything. We also try the treats out on the 4-legged family members of our friends and family. It’s true that you can’t please every mutt, but whichever treats they do enjoy chomping will be super healthy ones.

As Mino has got older, he started to show signs of arthritis in his rear hips, with his back sloping down. We began giving him many of the ingredients that now form the ‘Joint Support’ treats. It was truly wonderful to see him standing up straighter again, not dropping his hips – and all thanks to a change in his diet. No nasty chemicals or medicine, just healthy, natural food and some pretty incredible ingredients.

Pet nutrition

We continue to research pet nutrition all the time, adjusting and improving our dog treats wherever possible. However, we are not veterinarians and though our treats recipes have been checked by a canine nutritionist, you should always consult your own vet if you have concerns about your dog and its diet.

photo of Mino and Toxa, 2 chocolate-coloured dobermanns that are the official taste testers
Mino and Toxa are our 2 chocolate-coloured dobermanns that are the official taste testers for the munchies for mutts dog treats

Where to find us

Our treats are made in Lincoln, UK, using as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible, including organic herbs from our own herb garden.

Pet care information

There are some really good, well-researched informational websites that offer lots of free advice and learning about your dog’s diet and health. Some of the ones we like best, and often check out to further our own learning, are:


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