Games to play with your dog to encourage calmness

Scatter Feeding Game To Play With Your Dog

The Scatter Feeding game for dogs is both mentally stimulating and it offers a great opportunity for distraction and calming behaviour.

We all need to chill out sometimes and this is true of dogs too, especially those that tend to be more nervous. By rewarding your dog when it is calm, you encourage calmer, better behaviour. The Scatter Game is a fabulously simple, calming game that you can easily include in your daily routine.

Scatter a few treats over the floor – you could do this in the garden or the house.

We love to do this outside with Mino and Toxa, our mascots, to distract them from the presence of the next door dog when we’re out in the garden.

Play this game indoors at moments when your dog would normally get over-excited – for example when someone comes to the door.

Calm dogs handle things better. Encourage calmness in your dog with these simple games

Did you like this calming game to play with your dog? Another calming activity could be to prepare frozen treats for your pup in warm weather and give them a frozen treat to lick away at. You can do this easily by filling ice cube trays with yoghurt, bone broth or fruit and water and freezing them. Try this easy, frozen yoghurt and mint treat recipe for dogs (good for humans too!), or this recipe for making bone broth.

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