Whitefish Jerky

These pure, 100% whitefish jerky treats are packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Principal Health Benefits of Whitefish For Your Dog

Whitefish contains phosphorous, which is necessary for good bone health.
It’s high in vitamins:
B12 – required for healthy nerve function and essential for the production of new red blood cells
B6 – which acts as an anti-inflammatory
B3 – an immune system booster

These crunchy treats come in small cube shapes.

They can be fed as a treat in between your dog’s normal meals as part of a balanced diet. Please note they are not suitable for puppies under 14 weeks old.

Composition: 100% Whitefish Skins.

Analytical Constituents (%): Protein: 84.4%, Crude Oil and Fat: 0.3%, Crude Ash: 17%, Crude Fibres: 9.2%

Game Playing

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