Healthy Pet Treats

For us here at Munchies, it’s not enough for pet treats just to be tasty. We want our treats to be tasty AND offer additional, important benefits in keeping our pets healthy and happy.

Our natural nibbles are lovingly hand made using real, human-grade food. There are no derivatives and no processed fillers. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We DO add some pretty fabulous, functional ingredients though, so that each treat offers something extra special for your pet.

Dieting Duke Dog Treats
Dieting Duke

We all love to treat our dogs, but if we need to keep their weight down, these treats are the business.

Photo of dog treats in bone shape
Ollie’s All In One

These dehydrated, 69% beef treats are 100% nutritionally balanced with all the protein, vitamins and minerals and adult dog needs.

Whitefish jerky dog treats
Spot Senior

For dogs and cats! Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help support your dog or cat’s joints and treat arthritis.

80% fish treats for dogs
Fishy Fifi

With 80% fish, these little wonders are perfect for training treats.

In what way are our pet treats healthy?

They contain no fillers to pack out the ingredients, no artificial colours or flavouring. The ingredients are largely chosen for their intended health benefits, such as vitamins and nutrients that they offer.

Do we use human-grade food?

Yes, our treats are made from human-grade food. Apart from the fact that for a human palate, food with no salt in it can be a little tasteless and dull, you could eat any of the the treats we make.

Do we offer grain-free pet treats?

Yes, we have several pet treats that are grain-free, including Chicken Feet, Spot Senior, Ollie’s All-In-One, Fishy Fifi.

Do we cater for gluten-free diets?

Yes, we have several pet treats that are gluten-free including Chicken Feet, Spot Senior, Dieting Duke, Ollie’s All-In-One, Fishy Fifi.

Do we have treats appropriate for raw-food diets?

Some of our treats are dehydrated, not cooked. These include Chicken Feet, Spot Senior, Ollie’s All-In-One.

Are all the treats hand-made?

Yes, except for Chicken Feet, Fishy Fifi.

We are DEFRA registered for the production of pet food.
Registration number:  GB218E2796